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It’s time to be happy!

First let me say LIFE IS CHALLENGING, many of us can agree with that. Ups and downs at every turn just when we have things figured out and everything is going smoothly , WHOOSH SURPRISE. New things to deal with, possibly out of our control. OR we just want some happiness, we wonder why are things different for me, why don’t I have someone on Valentine’s Day that loves me. What’s wrong with me? Or I’m in this relationship  and he/she doesn’t even care about me today. Everyone gets flowers, candy, presents WHY NOT ME????? All of these scenarios can lead to being down and depressed.

So what is the answer to being Happy you ask???????? I have learned that HAPPINESS is a decision we make when we get up in the morning.  A declaration to be Happy. Also giving yourself PERMISSION TO BE HAPPY.  Yes, permission to be happy. Try this experiment to do something for someone else today and that will make THEM SMILE and I would guess you as well. We are as Happy as we decide to be.

There I said it. I never believed it before, but I do now. I came to believe that I am responsible for my Happiness. And when we are doing for others, guess what, often the universe rewards us with great things as well. We become a magnet for people who wonder how we got sooooo happy. A decision to do things that make yourself happy is an awesome gift to yourself and others.

SO YOU ASK HOW do I do this well. In the morning I say an intention for the day, I close my eyes and actually say ‘Today I intend to be Happy’. Then think about how committed am I to this on a scale of one to ten, ten being the highest.  I  DECIDE A TEN.

Then wow my day flow so much better Deciding to be Happy and adding commitment to it makes all the difference. I can also do this any time I get the blues. Try it anytime you want. Why not today.  Are you Happy? , Well you are as HAPPY AS YOU ARE DECIDING TO BE.  LOVE TO ALL THIS Valentine’s Day.

Coach Sally Kay
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A question about coaching????!!!!

I am having the time of my life standing with others as they chart a new course for their life. WHEN someone takes on their life with vision, purpose and complete clarity MAGIC happens. What I get to do is channel it through me, I was given a gift of connection. I had it all of my life and have enhanced it over the last three years as I became Coach Sally Kay. There is one thing I am absolutely clear on I was meant for this work. I am no longer afraid of my greatness. We are all great , when we will let it shine is up to us? I do this in memory of my son Joe jr who I lost four years ago. I CHOOSE to live for both of us.

I have a question for you. What is “complete clarity” and how is that sustained for your clients?

Sally Kay MillerGreat question Don. Complete clarity occurs in a few ways and it will vary by each individual , an example would be—– when they do some work on recognizing limiting beliefs that have plagued them in their subconscious and putting practices in place that assist them in shifting to their greatness. When client goes inside and figures out what they really want;that is aligned with their purpose and vision. It can take some work as well. Once they recognize their barrier to performance that they have held, doing the work to become very present and seeing their story as neutral, instead of re-creating it every day. Once clear it is sustained by the practices put in place that support what client is up to. The use of intention daily is important. Being impeccably their word. Being in integrity with them self and honoring that. Learning new methods and tools for communication and feedback. It is a way of being first then doing. Commitment is part of this equation as well. Being 100% committed to their purpose and putting a support system in place ; be it peers, coach, friends. Doing an inventory of existing relationships and being willing to let go of toxic people if needed. My part in this is asking great curious questions, using my intuition/gut on calling them and giving powerful feedback. I am very grounded first their agenda only in mind. I call that when I am in the channel, it comes through me but is not of me. I connect to their spirit. This is more than you asked for but their is so much more………

Let s start from the beginning…………..

What is coaching? Well it is easier to do a comparison to explain this—– therapy looks at your past and figures out what made you the way you are——-coaching looks at the present day and assists you to get clear on what NEW OUTCOMES you desire in your life today. Such as better relationship to self and others. Follow a dream to get a purposeful job. Get help to bring a vision you have a long time into being. It is about a vision and ACTION steps to bring it about. In coaching we call it “chunking it down”.  During coaching we identify “limiting Beliefs” you might have that are getting in your way of your success. Basically one is the one who sets limits in life and if you had reviewed the testofuel reviews, you will realize that with their testosterone supplements nothing is impossible, achieving that ideal body will be easier than you expected. One example would be,”I NEVER get what I want. I’m not smart enough, I’m too lazy, etc.” Messages from your past that are not serving you today. Coaching assists you to become very intentional. What I mean by that is your Not on AUTOMATIC PILOT in your life, you are the driver we say not the passenger. We get  new tools around Communication. Learning to make requests, have difficult conversations, give and get great feedback. The coach is a stand for your agenda.  This is a taste of what coaching is, but it is much much more.slider1
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Who needs this Relationship Coaching???????

Well my response is nobody needs it, BUT if you choose to have enhanced beautiful , 100_1176INTENTIONAL relationships this is for you. Are you tired of feeling like you just can’t connect with loved ones in your life ? Are you always a stand for you in your life? Do you wish communicating was easier? Are you afraid to have a difficult conversation with someone, say your boss? Do you wish you knew how to give great feedback to people? ALL OF THESE ARE COVERED IN THIS CLASS. Do you want to feel like you are not reliving your past? THIS IS FOR YOU………CREATE A NEW CANVAS FOR YOUR LIFE, WHERE YOU ARE THE ARTIST……… CALL 810 434 0632 to speak to COACH SALLY KAY
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Relationship Course

My coaching class for individuals is a huge hit. I am enjoying the coaching and the clients are engaged in such meaningful results. I still have a few times available on my calendar to start you out. Would love to have a 30 minute free call with you to explore your wants and needs. Give a call that will transform this year to a year of your dreams. Let the fireworks mark this day!!!!!!!!!!!            810 434 0632     to reach COACH SALLY KAY

  • New tools for better relationships to spouse, significant other, family, Boss
  • A tool to deal with breakdown
  • Tools to have a difficult conversation with someone
  • Tools  to support  increased communication skills
  • Practices to put in place  for better boundaries in your relationships
  • Action, action, action steps each week to enhance getting what you really want from your life
  • Being in commitment to yourself and to those you are in relationship with.
  • A tool for giving feedback

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