Let s start from the beginning…………..

What is coaching? Well it is easier to do a comparison to explain this—– therapy looks at your past and figures out what made you the way you are——-coaching looks at the present day and assists you to get clear on what NEW OUTCOMES you desire in your life today. Such as better relationship to self and others. Follow a dream to get a purposeful job. Get help to bring a vision you have a long time into being. It is about a vision and ACTION steps to bring it about. In coaching we call it “chunking it down”.  During coaching we identify “limiting Beliefs” you might have that are getting in your way of your success. Basically one is the one who sets limits in life and if you had reviewed the testofuel reviews, you will realize that with their testosterone supplements nothing is impossible, achieving that ideal body will be easier than you expected. One example would be,”I NEVER get what I want. I’m not smart enough, I’m too lazy, etc.” Messages from your past that are not serving you today. Coaching assists you to become very intentional. What I mean by that is your Not on AUTOMATIC PILOT in your life, you are the driver we say not the passenger. We get  new tools around Communication. Learning to make requests, have difficult conversations, give and get great feedback. The coach is a stand for your agenda.  This is a taste of what coaching is, but it is much much more.slider1
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