Usje Collective Agreement

What is a union? A union is an organized group of workers who, together, use their strength to have a useful voice in their workplace. Through a trade union, workers have the right to influence wages, working hours, social benefits, occupational health and safety, vocational training and other work-related issues. What is trade union organisation? Trade unions are legal persons who have the mission and responsibility to negotiate collective agreements on behalf of their members and to represent their members in the event of a violation of the collective agreement. PSAC/USJE supports its members not only through the representation of complaints, but also through consultations on labour management at local, regional and national levels. Non-tariff issues can be addressed and resolved. Please note that the Treasury Board is moving away from the “table” nomenclature and identifying employees as groups. In a victory for public service employees who have gone out of their way to support Canadians during this pandemic, PSAC reached a preliminary agreement providing for fair wages, no concessions and improved working conditions for the 70,000 members of the PA group, as well as common issues within the Department of Finance. Copies of current collective agreements for USJE members can be viewed by clicking on the fare category below. PSAC successfully negotiated Phoenix damages that were significantly better than the agreement reached between the employer and other parties to the federal negotiations.

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