It’s time to be happy!

First let me say LIFE IS CHALLENGING, many of us can agree with that. Ups and downs at every turn just when we have things figured out and everything is going smoothly , WHOOSH SURPRISE. New things to deal with, possibly out of our control. OR we just want some happiness, we wonder why are things different for me, why don’t I have someone on Valentine’s Day that loves me. What’s wrong with me? Or I’m in this relationship  and he/she doesn’t even care about me today. Everyone gets flowers, candy, presents WHY NOT ME????? All of these scenarios can lead to being down and depressed.

So what is the answer to being Happy you ask???????? I have learned that HAPPINESS is a decision we make when we get up in the morning.  A declaration to be Happy. Also giving yourself PERMISSION TO BE HAPPY.  Yes, permission to be happy. Try this experiment to do something for someone else today and that will make THEM SMILE and I would guess you as well. We are as Happy as we decide to be.

There I said it. I never believed it before, but I do now. I came to believe that I am responsible for my Happiness. And when we are doing for others, guess what, often the universe rewards us with great things as well. We become a magnet for people who wonder how we got sooooo happy. A decision to do things that make yourself happy is an awesome gift to yourself and others.

SO YOU ASK HOW do I do this well. In the morning I say an intention for the day, I close my eyes and actually say ‘Today I intend to be Happy’. Then think about how committed am I to this on a scale of one to ten, ten being the highest.  I  DECIDE A TEN.

Then wow my day flow so much better Deciding to be Happy and adding commitment to it makes all the difference. I can also do this any time I get the blues. Try it anytime you want. Why not today.  Are you Happy? , Well you are as HAPPY AS YOU ARE DECIDING TO BE.  LOVE TO ALL THIS Valentine’s Day.

Coach Sally Kay
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