When I think of inspiration I think of the power in me that I forget is there. I now know that extra power is accessible to each and everyone of us when called forth. I believe there is power within us that is available at our request. If I am in a situation that things just seem to not being going the way I wanted them to go, I just stop step left and say,what they call in coaching a sacred contract. Mine is I AM SALLY KAY MILLER  A POWERFUL, COMPASSIONATE, LOVING, HEALTHY COACH AND WOMAN in a forceful voice and I command some extra energy and passion from within, thus giving me a new better outcome than I had. Each person ‘s sacred contract would be different, because each of us has different gifts available to them that they stand for.

A cute story is I was substitute teaching  middle school student and they were very noisy, like they will be for subs. I went to the light switch and clicked it up and down and said ” I have something you don’t have and if you listen up I will tell you.” Well they were curious to know so I said “I HAVE A SACRED CONTRACT AND IT GIVES ME MORE POWER WHENEVER I WANT IT.”  They of course begged me to say it, so I did. I also told them they could develop their own so they would have more power. So twenty or so minutes went by and all of a sudden a pimply, thin young man in the front row turned around and Yelled to a chubby ,large young man who was incessantly poking him from behind “I AM A POWERFUL BOY, SO STOP THAT”. Everything got really quiet, kids watching what I would do. I said to the young boy “stand up sir, what you just did, took great courage, you will never forget this day as you live, you  have taken control of your life today, with your contract, everyone please clap for him.” He got the BIGGEST smile on his face. Their was a problem with Bullying in their school and he had just ,for the first time taken, a stand.

You too can  develop a sacred Contract, it is one of the tools taught during performance/relationship coaching. It comes in handy for me and I know it would for you.  Peace , love and joy to you this day. Coach Sally Kay

By the way my Sacred Contract is

 ” I am Sally Kay Miller a powerful, committed, loving,  inspirational  Woman and Coach!!!!!”

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