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Lossing a child

I lost my beloved son who was 39 years old four years ago. It makes my heart sad to think of it. He was found on my birthday with a friend ,  they had both passed away from bad drugs. Several people died in the next few days from those same drugs. It is a nightmare I will never forget. He was so handsome, so kind, but addiction is strong. He had used drugs when he was a teenager and we had sent him to a one year rehabilitation  program in which he attended school and our entire  family participated. When he returned home he had gotten drug free and sober and stayed that way for around eighteen years. During those years he had a baby girl, he married, and he worked in our Cement business with his Dad. Every day I PRAYED just stay sober son. He had such charisma.  I miss him everyday.  When he picked up that first drink I was so sad. It took six more years and three more treatment centers and buckets of tears from his father and I , before it ended that fateful day.  SO WHY DO I TELL THIS STORY HERE ON MY SITE, to share what this tragedy h
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In addition, my son also suffered from depression problems due to problems conceiving that he had with his partner, and for which he sought effective treatment in this regard. Unfortunately at that time he did not find any that were effective, and it is one of the things that I quite regret, so to this day I have searched for such information and although it is no longer useful to my son, I hope to be able to offer hope other people if they read what washingtoncitypaper says about it

Next Grief Workshop

From the desk of Coach Sally Kay

  1. Begins May 4th- Wednesdays-
  2. two hour phone sessions
  3. Limited to 8 participants
  4. 10 weeks duration
  5. Cost $997.00

Call 810 434 0632 to sign up.

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