Coach Sally Kay is an excellent resource for anyone going through a trying time. Her calm and loving nature has helped me get through the hardest time in my life. Sally Kay’s vulnerability, willingness to reflect on the lessons she has learned in her life and optimistic outlook on life is truly powerful and impactful. 

I can’t recommend  Coach Sally Kay enough and look forward to keeping in touch with her regularly. She’s truly become a support system and a light during this difficult time


Coach Sally Kay  is an amazing woman who thru her own life experiences, parallel to our own journey, and skills obtained thru training can offer insight to inner strength and peace!
T. D. B.
I had the privilege of taking one of Sally’s Vision Board classes and I can honestly say that it was such a wonderful, enlightening and rewarding experience.  We had a small group, which allowed us to be very candid with one another, but yet we were also able to share some of our struggles and unite if you will.  I left that class feeling uplifted, thankful and absolutely powerful!  On top of the world actually.  I would encourage anyone who has the opportunity to take one of Sally’s classes to do so.   I’m so very glad I did!
My situation it’s a bit like a soap opera- that’s not being dramatic, those are the facts.

In early January 2013, I was laid off of work– that wouldn’t have been so bad, except two weeks later I found out I was pregnant. That would’ve been sensational news had I not just found out that my fiance of 3 years had been cheating on me and his mistress was 2 months pregnant as well. Life really knows how to pile up the stuff and make you feel helpless…  that is, of course, unless u have an awesome life coach!

Sally Kay and i decided to work together In March 2013 and at that point my finances were in shambles, my pregnant heart, broken and in turmoil and I just didn’t know which end was up. I had so many decisions to make and couldn’t see through the blur of it all, but I knew one thing. I didn’t want to feel the way I was feeling- helpless, weak, out of control, like my life was just happening to me and like all of my plans and dreams were shattered….forever… More importantly I didn’t want my child entering the world in the midst of all of that garbage.
By being a stand for me, Sally allowed me to be upset, feel everything I was feeling but to put the pieces of the chaos together to form some semblance of my new dream. My life is my own, I get to choose how I react, my plan, my mode of action. I cannot control what anyone else says or does, but by giving me the platform to actually ask myself certain questions, I got to decipher how I wanted to live. Sally Kay’s coaching is not like therapy where they go back and look at your life and patterns and see where the breach is, and try to remold or “fix” you. Sally Kay is an ally. She stands for your vision and says, ‘Hey, you are not broken, nothing is WRONG with you, you don’t like what’s happening in your life, let’s talk and find out how we can get you back on track. Back to yourself. To the core of what you need and want for YOU.
My situation is not resolved, by any means of the word. I have bad days. Days I cry all the time and want to give up, but the victorious days, the days that I say, “This is my life and I get to say how it goes for me,” far surpass those bad days…  And I also have the tools Sally has helped me realize I already had to combat the blues.
Whatever you’re going through Sally Kay is a compassionate listener, a wise, loving friend, and will hold you accountable to what it is you say YOU want. Give yourself a fresh start by getting your coaching with Sally. I promise, you will feel better. It may be dark where you are but you already have the flashlight in your hand– Sally just helps you turn it on.
Good Luck to you and thank you soooo much SALLY!

G. M.

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