Turtle Creek Subscription Agreement

Valet: Agreement for surplus valet services (for more than 4 guest vehicles) 3. Enter the requested information. (We promise not to use your data for any purpose other than doing business with Turtle Creek Gardens). If you plan to regularly share your products with someone else, please provide their name, address and email address so that we can add them to our newsletter mailing list. Our newsletter contains a list of products for this week, recipes, farm news, nutritional and storage information, upcoming events, etc. Get to know the companies very well and determine the value of cash flow. We invest a lot of time and effort in assessing the risks and opportunities available to each company and integrate these assessments into a financial model to determine its cash value. This value is approximately the price a buyer would pay for the entire company – we`re not trying to be conservative; We try to do things right. We are also attentive to the financial leverage of the company and believe that the price of an investment is the main risk factor. While developing a value appreciation takes a lot of effort, it prepares us for events that inevitably occur (either in the market or depending on the company) that lead to significant changes in the company`s stock price. We think we have the right temperament to invest, so you don`t have to. Our level of analysis and discipline are rare and have been tested in different market environments over the past two decades.

We have the courage to ignore market noises and focus on the companies we have invested in. We`re not trying to time the market and we think investors shouldn`t try to either. In addition, we do not take a position on whether the stock market is overvalued or undervalued. To be sure that if we could time the market and know for sure that the stock price would fall, then we would sell everything, wait for the drop and reinvest all our money. However, we do not believe it is possible to predict the direction of the stock market in the short term. Instead, we question whether each of our companies is overvalued or undervalued. So as long as we find companies that we think generate high liquidity, have excellent growth prospects and act below their intrinsic value, we will probably be a fully invested fund. We believe the best way to achieve strong long-term investment returns is to stay invested. Do not sit down and put your feet in the air: constantly optimize. Changes in relative weights over time are mainly due to our reaction to changes in the firm`s negotiated prices.. . .

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