Being in the Drift AND Choosing to Get a Contract and BE IT!!!!!

Many of us’ JUST GO ALONG, DRIFTING”.  There is a collective experience of going with the flow. Really just doing what society says we should do, at this time or that. A judging, if you will of every action we take, scrutiny. We know what is expected so we act that out. Other people putting their expectations on us.  We wonder if what we want even counts??? Well I say YES YES YES it does.

The day that we get our VALIDATION for who we are from ourselves and NOT from others, is the day We get Control of our lives.

So, you ask how do we do that??? Well one of the first steps could be developing a SACRED CONTRACT. Think of some words that you would Like to apply to you and Say it as a contract. Put a lot of effort and thought into it, because you will become your contract. MINE IS “I am SALLY KAY MILLER a Powerful, Committed, Loving, Inspirational WOMAN and Coach. AND then I say , YES I AM!!!! Now HOW DO I USE THIS????? Well when I get off track, in breakdown, depressed, or in any kind of powerless condition. I can CHOOSE to Stop , GO INSIDE MYSELF, say my SACRED CONTRACT and be in new power, just because I say so. It is there at our disposal, any time we call it forth. Our Energy is a CHOICE. Try it make a Sacred Contract , stand up straight belt it out, and you will see how powerful you feel. Powerful, not looking for it outside of yourself, finding it from within. It is in there, extra power, anytime you want to call it forth. You get to CHOOSE how powerful you are in any given moment, you can shift. So the next time you are down and out, have this contract ready and try it. Let me know how it goes for you. THIS IS LIFE CHANGING and it is only the beginning of your journey to getting to where you want to be, instead of JUST DRIFTING ALONG!!!!!


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