Wku Consortium Agreement

All students who attend two separate higher education institutions or universities in a single semester must apply for a consortium and have a consortium agreement processed if they wish to use their hours at the visiting school to calculate financial assistance. Even if you are a common host student, you must still apply for a consortium if you wish to use these hours at WKU for financial purposes. In order for you to apply for a consortium, you must be admitted to the WKU as a student looking for studies, have an up-to-date FAFSA in the file and, if you have been selected for the audit, you must have submitted all the necessary documents. They must also be in a good academic state for financial assistance. If you need to add WKU to your FAFSA, you can do so online at www.fafsa.ed.gov. The school code for WKU is 002002. Different colleges have different requirements for consortium agreements. Be sure to ask for a consortium before you pay a fee that you are responsible for the payment! They can only receive financial assistance from one school at a time. If you are registered with SKYCTC and another school, you can enter into a consortium agreement between the schools. With a consortium agreement, you can combine the hours in both schools to determine your eligibility. For example, if you are registered on 9 SKYCTC credits and three credits at WKU, you can benefit from SKYCTC financial support as a full-time student: 9 credits – 3 credits – 12 credits. For the fall 2019 semester, WKU students must submit their consortium application via TopNet by August 14, 2019 in order to use financial assistance for teaching in a visiting school. In order to ensure that consortium agreements are executed before the date of Pell`s recalculation, the deadline for submission of the agreements concluded and any supporting documents is August 26, 2019.

The basic agreement dates from April 2016 and has been amended over the years for new projects. To add To Add Distortion Speed, the government amended the agreement and added more money and contractual terms. IMPORTANT: Do not submit your consortium application until you have registered in all classes at your visiting school. You must be registered within WKU hours to comply with a WKU consortium agreement. Note: Starting in spring 2020, WKU students are limited to 2 consortium contracts for their entire academic career. The consortium agreements concluded for the semesters leading up to spring 2020 are not part of this limit. Advanced Technology International uses a non-traditional contractual mechanism, known as the “other transaction agreement,” to facilitate government work with several groups of academics and companies. On Saturday, HHS released the government`s core agreement with the consortium that administers it and worked on Operation Speed.

It is called the Medical CBRN Defense Consortium, which is responsible for developing medical counter-measures against threats against the military. The new published contracts were issued by a third party, Advanced Technology International, a fact that NPR revealed in September. The agreement concerned members of Congress and interest groups who feared that non-traditional agreements would ignore taxpayer protection, which would allow the government to “invade” if the producer receiving federal funds did not manufacture its product or set an inappropriate price. At the end of each semester you participate in a consortium, you must submit an OFFICIAL COPY of your notes to the WKU Transfer Center.

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